IT Solutions

  • IT Consulting

    IT Consulting

    Our Audit cover following areas:

    Network Infrastructure Schematic Diagram, Servers, Clusters, OS Specifications, RAID configurations, LAN Components, VLAN Configuration, Internet Links, DNS / NS and MX Records Configurations, Firewalls, VPN equipment, IP Telephony, Email Server, Web Server, Blackberry Servers, Application and physical access to critical site equipment, Fault Tolerance, Disaster Recovery, Data storage devices, Business Impact of failure of each IT Infrastructure components, Downtime Impact Calculation / Backup / Offsite and Onsite, etc.

    These audit reports highlight existing Issues, Impact of failure and Submit Solutions along with Cost to the customers.

    • - Infrastructure IT Audit
    • - Network and Security Audit
    • - Disaster Recovery Audit

  • Information and Communication Support

    Information and Communication Support

    Voxtel IT Solution provide Information and Communication Support Services listed below:

    • - Hardware Installation and Support Services
    • - Software and Solution Deployment Services
    • - Facilities Management and IT Helpdesk Services
    • - Authorized Warranty Support Services
    • - Enhanced Support Services
    • - Maintenance Contract based Services
    • - Desktop and Server Preventative Maintenance
    • - Antivirus Management

  •  Cisco Unified Communications:

    Cisco Unified Communications:

    Our Technical Team has in depth knowledge in Design, Installation, Implementation and Training the CISCO Unified Communications.

  • AVAYA Unified Communications:

    AVAYA Unified Communications:

    Our Technical Team has in depth knowledge in Design, Installation, Implementation and Training the AVAYA Unified Communications.

  • Infrastructure and Cabling Service

    Infrastructure and Cabling Service

    Cisco Unified Communications:

    Voxtel IT Solution deliver exceptional onsite infrastructure services for complete fiber optic solutions as well as structured cabling solution. Our cabling service include:

    • - Structure Cabling Installation
    • - Wi-Fi / WLAN cabling and Installation
    • - WAN / LAN / WLAN Design
    • - VOIP & Converged Networks
    • - Fiber Optic Cabling
    • - CCTV Coaxial and IP Cabling
    • - Access Control Cabling
    • - Audio Video System Cabling

  • Server/Network Installation/Email Server Setup & Support

    Server/Network Installation/Email Server Setup & Support

    Voxtel IT Solution's Technical team has in depth knowledge in Design and Installation of various servers and are well experienced in providing training to onsite staff-using Windows or Linux OS.

    Voxtel IT Solution have in-depth technology eVoxtel with all releases of Microsoft Exchange, and can assist with planning, Microsoft Exchange Deployment, Exchange Server migration, Exchange Server monitoring and on-going Exchange Server Support. We also provide:

    • - E-mail SPAM Management
    • - E-mail Archiving
    • - Hosted E-mail Server

  • Internet Security Service/ Secure On Site/Off Site Data Backup & Recovery

    Internet Security Service/ Secure On Site/Off Site Data Backup & Recovery

    Voxtel IT Solution provide complete design and infrastructure plan to protect network from any type of internal attacks or external attacks through the internet. We also help in deploying physical security measure in organizations as a safeguard against theft.

    Voxtel IT Solution offer specialist data recovery services from almost all removable & non removable media for example:

    • - Hard Drives
    • - CD/DVD
    • - Servers
    • - RAID 0,1,5 Arrays
    • - Specialized in Data Backup Facilities

  • Disaster Recovery

    Disaster Recovery

    Voxtel IT Solution provide infrastructure along with a written and tested plan directing the computer system recovery process in the event of an interruption in continuous service resulting from an unplanned and unexpected disaster.

    • - Identity systems and application currently in use.
    • - Analyze business impact of computer impact and determination of critical recovery time frames.
    • - Determine Recovery strategy.
    • - Document recovery team organization
    • - Document recovery team responsibilities
    • - Develop and document emergency procedures.
    • - Document training & maintenance procedures

  • Complete Outsourced IT

    Complete Outsourced IT

    Voxtel IT Solution use secure, auditable, and highly-functional remote management tools to Access, Monitor, and fix problems with Servers, Network Devices, Desktops, Storage Devices, Printers, and other devices on our Customer's Networks. We provide 24/7/365 support to our Customers, because we understand the importance of "availability". Talk to us today and see how we can make IT Infrastructure Services outsourcing work for you.

    Voxtel IT Solution also provide full time Engineers at the Client side for a period of one year or more along with Hardware and Telecommunication support. At Voxtel IT Solutions, we offer a one stop shop for your building & designing infrastructure needs and equipment rollout projects.

  • Supply


    Voxtel IT Solution supply all the IT and Communications related Items Domestically and Internationally which includes, Desktops, Laptops & its Accessories, Servers, Racks, Routers, Switches, CISCO and AVAYA Phones & and its Infrastructure Setup Accessories, all kinds of Cables, UPS, Mobile Phones, Tablets, etc.

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